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Kaminomoto Male/ Female Hair Grower

Kaminomoto Male/ Female Hair Grower
Real Japanese Hair Tonic

Are You Having Hair/ Scalp Related Problems?
Are You Completely Bald Already? Or Just Having Nlghtmares About It?

Here's a Clue.

No one became bald over-night or in a month or two, not even in six months or a year, so to speak! You just go through almost undetected symptoms or problems you suited yourself not to worry too much about. Sometimes for even a much longer period of time- amazingly all that time giving you a chance to save it from losing it all. Unfortunately it takes a hairlessly shining bald-head for one to realize that this is what that has been happening to you. When you lose some hair everyday, got dandruff, unbalanced scalp-health conditions, excessive sebum (greasy hair or scalp) or just have a slightly itchy-head, it warns you "You Can Be Becoming Bald"! Whether you are in this situation at the moment or already bald by now, fortunately here's the solution. You have no better option!

Have you ever wondered how come the Japanese have such a great, black, thick & strong hair! And yet Clean and Non-Greasy? Well, Kaminomoto is at least 100 years old. They all use it!

Kaminomoto Hair Accelerator Tonics. General, Gold & Trigger. Sealed Boxes.

General 150ml/ 5.07 fl oz SL Rs. 3,000/=
Gold 150ml World Price: $28.99- 38.99 SL Rs. 3,850/=
Trigger 180ml SL Rs. 9,150/=

Sealed Content
Made in Japan

Kaminomoto is the only thinnest liquid available in the entire hair-care or baldness-treatment world, making it the most capable and efficient source of finding entry and penetration deep into the inactively closed-up and almost impossible to reach follicles where it is needed with all its all-natural full of rich nutrients.

Your hungry, thirsty scalp and hair will quickly absorb it all when they are treated to something as great and nutritious as Kaminomoto that your head or hair will show no indications of any application. It will leave your head and hair looking as clean and non-oily as though you have just had a shower. It will be working where it is supposed to be doing its job for the next eight to twelve hours.

Kaminomoto Addresses and Treats both Males' and Females' Hair Problems from Initial Losing Stage to Serious Baldness.

While this was originally especially specifically intended for and still continues today to be produced for alopecia (male-type baldness) treatment, Kaminomoto can also be used by people with regular hair to make sure that its healthy conditions and beauty are maintained and continue. That's what the Japanese do! So, you will never know the 'Bald-You'.

Please Note that it is a Tonic that Vanishes into the Scalp immediately, Not an Oil which can be Sticky and Greasy.

For purchases on a Holiday, Saturday or Sunday, please confirm your order on the last working day of the week before 3pm.

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Kaminomoto Male/ Female Hair GrowerKaminomoto Male/ Female Hair Grower

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